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Environmental policy

Bright Decor takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and we are continually looking for ways to improve our procedures. We always aim to recycle materials and containers wherever possible, and donate any leftover paints or brushes and supplies to colleges and charities. The main responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the company owner, John Lyons. However, all members of staff and sub-contractors must play a part.

Health & Safety Policy

Bright Decor is committed to continually monitoring and improving its health and safety performance. We carefully manage projects to ensure the safety and welfare of our team and clients, and have an impeccable record. Job-specific risk assessments are undertaken and can also be provided.

Insurance Details

Bright Decor is fully insured up to the value of £1.0 million. We continually review our practices and insurance to ensure we are up-to-date, and protecting our client interests comprehensively.

Workmanship Warranties

Making the decorations look good is obviously important. However, just as or even more important is how long that work lasts. Therefore, we are quite unique in offering a two-year quality workmanship guarantee to go back and put right any of our work should it be necessary.

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